WellTok - LoDo headquarters (leased 2011)
Brokerage isn’t just about space.

It’s about culture, cash flow and confidence.

Your new environment has to be flexible, foster productivity, attract talent and define your brand. At the same time, you must minimize occupancy costs to improve cash flow. Century’s market knowledge, analytics and negotiating strategies give you the confidence that you’ve made the best deal.

2,100,000 sf leased

Case Study:
WellTok, Inc.
Denver, Colorado
3,280 sf

Project Brief: Rapid expansion. Tight timeline. Growth potential.

A health care social media technology pioneer, WellTok needed affordable interim space for their expanding business. Targeting the popular LoDo area for their new location, WellTok requested flexible space that could grow with them – they planned to double their staff within a year, with the potential to grow to over 100 employees in the near future.

In less than 60 days from start to finish, WellTok made the move into a space that will attract and retain talent, support their corporate culture and keep their lease costs in line.

Century Strategic Advantages

  • Quick response: 60 days from first client meeting to move-in
  • Tailored space program
  • Identified a short list of suitable properties to tour
  • Below-market, flexible 18-month sublease
  • Reduced out-of-pocket capital expenditures
  • Additional 3,500 sf space available for WellTok’s use at no extra cost
  • System furniture and telecommunications in place for a turn-key space